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Travel Insurance Quotes provide an invaluable service for travelers in Australia. Our team of travel insurance agents will quickly respond to your online quote request and will send you clear and concise travel insurance quotes for most types of travel in Australia and abroad.

The staff we employ have decades of insurance industry experience and are all accredited travel industry professionals, which have been providing insurance services to our members and clients since 2008.

Right across Australia, in every state and territory our clients have benefited from our exclusive quoting system, professional attitude and quick response time to enquiries, and any other issue that may arise.

We are trusted by recognised travel insurance underwriting agencies in Australia to deliver all policy information, product features and benefits direct to travelers.

Mike Adams is the
owner and manager of Travel Insurance Quotes and is a certified Tier 1 Insurance Professional with ANZIIF Aff CIP membership

All of our client information remains confidential to us, and we will never share your details with any other third parties.

Travel Insurance Quotes has a strong reputation for arranging travel insurance quotes in a timely, concise and easily understandable format. We listen to customer feedback and are constantly updating our services to improve our business.

Our agents are even able to authorise policies on the weekend, even at times when normal agencies may be closed. You can find out more by simply requesting an online quotation or by contacting us. We are here to assist you.

Please note: Travel Insurance Quotes (ABN 21 542 258 313) act as Australia-wide distributor for travel insurance agencies in Australia. You will need to read each product’s PDS and policy to understand the relevant limitations that may apply to each product’s coverage.