Dental Travel Insurance

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Introducing Dental Tourism Insurance – Enhance your smile and travel with confidence.

While standard travel insurance typically covers emergency medical treatment abroad, it often excludes elective or cosmetic procedures.

An increasing number of Australians are now seeking elective dental treatment overseas. However, finding travel insurance that includes coverage for complications arising from such procedures has been a significant challenge… until now.

Go Insurance is proud to be the first Australian travel insurance provider to offer this comprehensive coverage, leading the way for a growing community of holiday travelers and providing them with unparalleled protection while they are away from home.

Their Dental Tourism extension is an additional coverage option under their flexible travel insurance policy, ensuring that traveling Australians can obtain the coverage that suits their itinerary and budget effectively.

So what’s covered under the Dental Tourism extension?

Trip Cancellation

In addition to the cancellation cover provided under the standard travel insurance policy, they also offer cover in case your procedure can’t go ahead as planned and you need to cancel or reschedule.

Emergency Overseas Dental Treatment

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan.

What happens if you suffer complications and need emergency post-procedure treatment?  They’ve got you covered in the event you need emergency dental care whilst still overseas due to complications arising from your procedure.

Additional Transport and Accommodation

If you need to stay longer than the planned holiday due to complications, they’ll also cover you for additional transport and accommodation costs you incur until you are fit to return home.  They’ll also pay for your travelling companion to remain with you or for a relative to travel from Australia to be with you while you recuperate provided their presence is medically necessary.

Return Travel and Accommodation for Remedial Dental Treatment

Unfortunately some procedures are not successful and remedial treatment is required.  They also provide cover for the cost of you returning overseas to obtain remedial treatment.


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