Protect Your Cruise Travel Journey with Insurance

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Cruise Travel Insurance

Embark on your cruising adventure with confidence! Australia’s cruise holiday industry has experienced tremendous growth, with nearly one million passengers departing our shores each year to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the seas.

The benefits of cruising are numerous, allowing you to explore a wide range of destinations worldwide, from the South Pacific to North America, Europe, Caribbean, and even Australian waters.

With unpacking done just once, you can maximise your time exploring the ship’s amenities or exotic locales. Many cruises include meals, activities, and entertainment, providing budget management options.

However, it’s vital to consider the risks of cruising, especially for those with pre-existing medical conditions, and ensure adequate coverage with appropriate cruise holiday travel insurance.

More information about Cruise Travel and Insurance

  • Medicare entitlements do not necessarily apply onboard, even if the cruise ship is registered to an Australian company. There is no obligation on cruise companies to employ doctors who are Medicare registered practitioners.
  • If you fall ill or are injured onboard, the cost of the treatment provided will be added to your account for settlement prior to the end of the cruise.
  • If you are in need of urgent medical treatment which cannot be provided onboard, you will be evacuated from the ship for treatment in a conventional hospital. 
  • Depending on the cruise you have selected, this could involve admission to a foreign hospital and yet further medical costs, so this is where travel insurance is invaluable.
  • If your cruise ship is too far from land and you fall seriously ill, it wont be possible for you to be evacuated by helicopter and cruise ships can’t accommodate a plane landing. 
  • The potential of evacuation not being possible is a real risk to consider, especially if you have serious medical conditions.
  • If you have a significant pre-existing medical condition and you fall ill whilst cruising, you may require urgent or specialist treatment and it may not be possible for this to be provided onboard.
  • In this case, the risk of you being offshore may be considered too high.  We can explain how this may affect your travel plans.
  • What happens if your flights are delayed and you fail to board the cruise at the point of departure?  Travel insurance can pick up the cost of additional travel costs incurred to join the cruise at the next port.

Cruise holidays present unique risks and challenges for insurers to accommodate and it is important that you understand the cover being provided by the policy you select.

They offer a Cruise extension which is designed to provide a range of cruise-specific benefits such as compensation for cabin confinement, missed shore visits, additional baggage allowances and emergency formal attire.

The diversity of a cruise holiday means that you have the potential to travel from city to city, experiencing different surroundings and cultures on a daily basis.

With so many options available and so much planning needed, Go Insurance takes pride in communicating all of the details of our cruise insurance options with you online or via phone to suit your budget and itinerary, so you can cruise with confidence.

So what’s covered under GO Insurance Cruise Extension?

(Overseas Medical Expenses)

For medical expenses (including ship to shore evacuation) incurred as a result of Bodily Injury or Illness being sustained whilst cruising.

Pre-paid excursions

If you or your travelling companion become sick or adverse weather prevents you from partaking in booked excursions along the way, they will compensate you for the loss.

Missed shore visit

They understand that sometimes there are cruise timetable restrictions, or adverse weather can change plans to dock at certain ports of call.

If this happens, they will provide a cash benefit for stops missed.

Cabin confinement

The last thing you want to happen on your holiday is to be confined to your room and quarantined by the ship’s doctor.

They will supply a cash benefit for each day you spend cabin confined.

Emergency formal attire

If disaster strikes they will pay for replacement, repair or hire costs if your formal attire is lost, damaged or stolen.


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