Water Sports and Surf Travel Insurance Solutions

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Water Sports and Surfing Insurance

H2O and Go Insurance – Enjoy Water Sports and Surfing with Peace of Mind.

Living on the Australian coastline, we Aussies have an inherent love for water. Whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or surfing, water sports are an integral part of our lives.

Go Insurance, understand this passion and offer a Water Sports travel insurance extension for those who love to be in, on or under the water on their holidays.

Go Insurance standard travel insurance policy already covers popular water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving* and surfing. In case of any medical emergency while enjoying these activities, the policy covers the cost of medical treatment if you are injured whilst doing these activities.

However, many standard travel insurance policies do not cover loss, theft or damage to water sports equipment like surfboards or scuba gear. To address this, GO Insurance offer an optional Water Sports extension that provides comprehensive coverage for such equipment. They even cover the cost of emergency equipment hire if your own equipment is lost or damaged.

At times, unfavorable weather conditions can disrupt our plans, and in such cases, they can compensate for any pre-booked boat hire, lessons, passes or excursions that could not be utilised. Moreover, if you are unable to enjoy your pre-booked water sports activities due to illness or injury, they will take care of the expenses.

* Please note that scuba diving is covered subject to certain conditions. For complete details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement below.

So what’s covered in GO Insurance Water Sports extension?

Water Sports Equipment

Compensation for  loss, theft or breakage to your water sports equipment, or water sports equipment that has been hired or loaned to you.

Water Sports Equipment Hire

Cover for the cost of hiring water sports equipment if yours is broken, lost, damaged, misdirected or delayed whilst en route to your destination.

Water Sports Passes, Lessons and Excursions

Reimbursement of any water sports pass, excursion, hire or tuition fee necessarily unused due to:

  • cancellation
  • loss or theft of your pass/voucher or
  • cancellation of pre-booked water sports activities due to inclement weather.

Unused Boat Hire Fees

Monetary compensation for each 24 hour period that it is not possible to use a pre-booked hire boat due to injury, illness or inclement weather conditions.


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