Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance

Ensure the safety of your Australian vacation by acquiring domestic travel insurance. While most people recognise the significance of international travel insurance, many are unaware of the equal importance of having travel insurance while exploring Australia.

Whether you’re embarking on a family trip to the Gold Coast, trekking through Tasmania, or taking a city break in Sydney, a domestic travel insurance policy can provide an added sense of security and safeguard your finances in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Domestic travel insurance refers to a type of travel insurance specifically designed for Australian residents who are planning to travel within Australia. Depending on the policy, domestic travel insurance can provide coverage for expenses such as lost or damaged luggage and travel documents, rental vehicle insurance excess, additional expenses, amendment or cancellation costs, sporting activities, and winter snow sports.

Cover-More offers three Domestic Plans tailored to suit all budgets and trip types. Below, you’ll find useful information about our domestic travel insurance for Australia and why it’s crucial. Additionally, refer to the domestic travel insurance FAQs for answers to common customer inquiries.


Do I need travel insurance in Australia?

Mishaps and events outside of your control can happen as easily in Australia as they can while you are on holidays overseas. With domestic travel insurance cover, you can be protected against lost luggage and travel documents, rental vehicle insurance excess costs, additional expenses, choose your cover for amendment or cancellation costs, and more.

What is excess in travel insurance? And what excess amount do I pay for domestic claims?

Excess is the first part of a claim that they will not pay. The excess amount is applied to each separate claimable event. The excess applies to certain benefits only.

Once you become a Cover-More domestic policyholder, a $50 excess applies to each claimable event. Other excess amounts may be available. The higher the excess you pick, the lower the premium.

Will Cover-More pay for my medical expenses while I’m travelling in Australia?

No. The costs for medical treatment, dental treatment, or ambulance transportation provided in Australia are not covered under any of our Cover-More Domestic Plans. Travel insurance providers are unable to provide cover for medical expenses incurred within Australia by an Australian resident or eligible overseas representative.

Unforeseen medical expenses on board a cruise ship may be covered if you have selected Domestic Cruising for the area of travel and you answered “Yes” to travelling on a cruise for two or more nights.

In this case, you will be able to choose from one of our International Plans to provide cover for overseas medical expenses (including those you may incur on a domestic cruise ship).

There is no cover for medical expenses if you are able to claim the expenses from Medicare or your private health insurance.

What’s the difference between Cover-More’s domestic plans?

Cover-More offers three different domestic travel insurance plan options to suit the varying needs and budgets of Australian travellers:

  1. Domestic Comprehensive+
  2. Domestic Comprehensive
  3. Domestic Basic

You can choose the best domestic travel insurance plan for your trip, as well as include additional protection, such as Snow Sports Cover, Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover, and Adventure Activities Cover.

If you’re looking to protect your trip with Cover-More travel insurance cancellation cover, you can select a suitable level of cancellation cover while generating a quote for an additional premium. This can be added to all our domestic travel insurance plans.

Always read the PDS before you consider purchasing travel insurance.

Do I have to be a certain distance from home to be covered?

When you become a Cover-More domestic policyholder, if your journey takes you 250 kilometres or more from your place of residence, cover for your trip can be provided up to the trip duration you have selected.

If your journey is less than 250 kilometres from your place of residence, cover for your trip can be provided up to the trip duration you have selected if you are staying in paid accommodation for at least one night and the accommodation is booked with a supplier (i.e. a hotel) or provider (i.e. an Airbnb).

What is a domestic Annual Multi-Trip plan and how does it work?

If you’re a frequent traveller, you may wish to consider an Annual Multi-Trip policy for your domestic travel insurance. Annual Multi-Trip policies are available on our Domestic Comprehensive and Domestic Comprehensive+ plans.

This type of policy provides coverage for an unlimited number of domestic journeys within a 12-month period, as long as each journey is more than 250 kilometres from your place of residence – or includes one or more nights of paid accommodation with an accommodation provider or supplier if the journey is under 250 kilometres – and each individual trip does not exceed the maximum duration selected.

Limits, exclusions, and conditions apply. Check the PDS when considering if our Domestic Annual Multi-Trip policy is right for you.

What is the age limit for Cover-More’s domestic travel insurance?

The Cover-More domestic plans are available for purchase for those up to 99 years of age or younger, subject to acceptance criteria at the time of buying the policy, destination, and trip duration.


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